Don (President)

"As the instigator of a Men’s Shed for Mount Eliza, what has been achieved over almost 3 years has been most rewarding. I have learned that men from all walks of life do like to get together to have a chat – and work on various projects together. It also has shown me that some chaps like to be involved not with a hammer but with quieter activities – as well as to have a chat. Others are keen to help the 'Shedders' work supporting each other. I have learnt a lot about new mates, and how we support each other. I enjoy the fun of the group – and together we are facing the big challenge of building a larger Shed for Mount Eliza: we all have that common commitment. Having experienced firsthand what it means to catch up with other 'Shedders' on a weekly basis it has become an important part of my life.  Meeting together, bringing our varied interests and skills together, is very satisfying – and good for our health and wellbeing."


"I’ve only been a member for 7 months now and my wife actually was telling me to go up to the men’s shed as I didn’t even know one existed, so I was driving past one day and saw the sign out the front and I called in, and to be quite honest I was a bit shell shocked by the size of the place at the start but since then I’m totally addicted to it. Now I can’t wait till Wednesday and Thursday each week as I attend both days, it’s fantastic for the friendship with the guys and the little community projects we do are brilliant, like I say I’m just addicted to the place and can’t wait till it comes around each week."



"The comradery is great and I find that there is a number of members that have similar interests as me such as wood turning so it’s a great place to gain some experience in this."



"When I come to a new place, I like to integrate with and contribute to the community. One of my major aims in life is to be of service to others. The Men's Shed is an umbrella for meeting other people, learning new skills and taking on community projects. Out of this association, I make new friends, share my interests and support others. Through my work, I extend my network into the community. I will have fun, hopefully make a few things for myself and others, and hear more jokes than I could possibly remember."



"As an 82 year old, after 58 years of a wonderful marriage and the loss of a loving partner who I cared for throughout her terminal illness, I found myself at a loss and very lonely. That is when I learnt about the Men's Shed movement and became a member of the Mount Eliza Men's Shed. I found new friendships, and their caring fellowship is just what I needed and certainly filled the void in my life. I highly recommend the Men's Shed to all those in a similar situation."